Advanced Venipuncture Arm - Light

EAN-kode: LIM-70300 Artikkelnr.: 1639

An ideal trainer for all levels of learning, the NEW Advanced Venipuncture Arm utilizes a pressurized pump and unique locking system to accurately simulate venipuncture, IV cannulation, and IV infusion training.

PrisNOK10 623,75 inkl. mva.



  • Venipuncture
  • IV Cannulation (Dorsal Metacarpal & ACF)
  • IV Infusion
  • Communication skills using a simulated patient
  • Practice of aseptic technique

Key Features:

  • Overview
    Advanced Pump System reduces internal leakage for a more user-friendly experience.
    Cost-effective vein modules reduce waste and are easy to replace.
    Realistic and palpable vein haptics promote accurate clinical use.
    Easy-to-fit skin-locking system (patent pending) increases anatomical realism.
    New vein gripping feature facilitates correct vein positioning, repeatable training and an easier re-skinning and re-veining process.
    Infusion tube allows for IV fluids to be administered.
    Can be used in conjunction with a simulated patient.
  • Realism
    Realistic representation of the antecubital fossa (ACF) and metacarpal vein regions.
    Using the Advanced Pump, the arm operates at an accurate blood pressure.
    Provides lifelike blood flashback.
    Increased realism of the arm (look and feel).
    Gripping system provides true-to-life vein placement.
  • Versatility
    Compatible with vacuum blood collection systems, needle & syringe, and IV cannulas
    Durable skin
    Extended tubing allows for extra manoeuvrability in a classroom setting for use with a simulated patient
    Veins can withstand up to 500 stabs from a 21g needle
    All features are compatible with Basic and Standard arms
  • Cleaning
    Skin surface is washable using soap and water
    Veins are easy to replace, clean, service and maintain


  • Veins contain Latex



Underlying palpable veins:

  • Basilic vein
  • Cephalic vein
  • Dorsal metacarpal veins
  • Median cubital vein

You will receive:

ACF Vein Module
Metacarpal Vein Module
Venipunture Arm Skin – Light
Venipuncture Arm Infusion Tube
Venipuncture Arm Rest
Refill Bottle
Pressurized Venipuncture Arm Mock Blood Supply