Male Rectal Examination Trainer Advanced

EAN-kode: LIM-60171 Artikkelnr.: 1662

This brand new trainer offers realistic, repeatable training in the core skill of digital rectal or PR examination. The Advanced model comes with a range of prostates and 2 perineums, allowing trainees to become familiar with normal and abnormal findings

PrisNOK26 891,25 inkl. mva.


Skills Gained:

  • Digital examination of the anus, rectum and prostate
  • Assessment of anal tone
  • Identification of faecal matter in the rectum
  • Identification of external ano-rectal conditions
  • Professional-to-patient communication

Key Features:

  • Overview
    Skin surface is washable using soap & water
  • Realism
    Soft, partable buttocks
    Realistic anus with resting tone and ability to contract
  • Versatility
    Trainer can also be presented in a ´semi-standing´ position using the optional Standing Position Stand (Lim-60172)
  • Safety
    Latex free
  • Anatomy
    Buttocks, anus, rectum, prostate and perineum
    Pathological perineum - with polyp and rectal cancer
    4 abnormal prostates: Benign unilateral enlarged; Benign bilateral enlarged; Unilateral carcinoma; Bilateral carcinoma

You will receive:

  • Male Rectal Examination Trainer Base Unit
  • Left Lateral Stand
  • Normal Perineum with Anal Tone
  • Pathological Perineum with Anal Tone
  • Normal Prostate
  • Benign Unilateral Enlarged Prostate
  • Benign Bilateral Enlarged Prostate
  • Unilateral Carcinoma Prostate
  • Bilateral Carcinoma Prostate
  • Impacted Fecal Matter
  • Lubricant